FPOTD: Live Your Life


Found from the book Crap (again):

Stop people from dumping on you

      you                have

the power   to

live a life you love.


An Important Lesson I’m Learning…

(I’ll make this brief) Is to stop allowing other people to mess up my vibe, my smile, my joy, or my day. All throughout high school I allowed my peers to bring me down and trash me; I allowed adults to tell me what I should and should not be doing with my life; and I allowed other people to tell me where I should find my happiness. I was stuck in a rut and feeling like I had been placed on a path that I couldn’t change.

Now, in college, I’m realizing that I can take my own life and my happiness into my own hands, and no one’s opinion of me matters but my own and that of God. Yes, it sounds cheesy and of course this has been said before but y’all know no one really listens to stuff like this until they’ve made the realization themselves. The same goes for advice. Must be why parents get so annoyed…

Stay Pofound,


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