FPOTD: Letting Go

Let. It. Go.

We hold on to toxic people and expect to get better.

We hold on to dead relationships and expect to keep living.

We hold on, yet we expect change to come.

What are you holding on to?

When the new year came, I rolled my eyes at everyone on twitter who aggressively claimed that they were “leaving certain people in 2015.” This was mostly because it sounded pretentious and I also didn’t care. For example:


Seeing these, I would slow clap in my head and sarcastically say congratulations. Y’all know y’all gonna invite those exact same people to hang out come January 2nd. 

But then I thought about it. Is there something or someone I’m still holding on to that is preventing me from growing/ being happy/ moving on? Somewhat. See, I’m the type of person who holds on to people, to memories, to anyone and tries to see the best in them. I give way more chances than most. So what can I do about it? Tweet about it? Nah.

You might think, well I can’t just DROP someone from my life…um… yes you can. You have that power. But there are adult ways to do it. If someone keeps doing you immense wrong and they know it, cut. them. off. The end. They’ve had their chances. But it’s hard for me to just end relationships with people, I’ll admit it. I need closure, conversation, I need them to know why and maybe give them the opportunity to make it right.

Think hard about the people and things you are so say “leaving in 2015”. There are mature ways to end toxic relationships that don’t just mean: one day Imma stop talking to this person and avoid them forever. If someone was leaving me in 2015 (assuming I care about this person) I would want to know about it.

Is there something you want?

Something you have been trying to have for a while? Peace, change, happiness, money, good grades…etc.

Think about what is stopping you from getting that. You say you wanna move on but you’re still texting your ex, you want to stop a bad habit but _____ who you hang around with keeps pressuring you, you want something but _____ won’t support you. _____ makes you feel like you can’t achieve your goals.

Fill in the blanks.

And let it go.


My resolution: To learn to let go.

Stay Pofound,



8 Replies to “FPOTD: Letting Go”

  1. This is a great resolution, and a difficult one. It’s hard to just let go of someone … especially if it’s someone you cared for, or at least thought you cared for. I have had to drop people from my life … but not until after I tried desperately to hold on by giving multiple chances. But, as I get older … especially now that I have kids … I can’t have these toxic relationships in my life anymore. Great post! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I’m extremely thankful I learned this concept many years ago. I love the expression ‘let go, let God’ and apply it not just to people, but to difficult situations that fall outside of my control too. It’s freeing. Love the humour too at the start!


  3. I loved this. Reminds me of a post I wrote the middle of last year entitled “When Its Time to Let Go”. Had a painful decision to make with a family member who was really toxic but for years felt like I had to hold on simply because of the title they had in my life. Glad I stumbled across your blog. I think I will follow:-) Chanel


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