MLK Day found poem:The Negro is Still not Free

IMG_20160118_0001-page-001 (2)Found in MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech.

I find it unfortunate that this is still pretty relevant and accurate day. How much has really changed?

  1. we now have the right to vote
  2. schools are desegregated   tbd.

Anything else?

Let’s take a look at what hasn’t changed:

  1. Black people are still considered lesser than
  2. modern Jim Crow
  3. modern segregation
  4. police brutality against Black people
  5. etc,etc

Though some people are finding things more and more hopeless, I do believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And belief in God is my reason to hold that as true.
Reason to Believe

However, In middle school, teachers used to look around my classroom as this time (usually full of kids of multiple races) and say: look at how Martin Luther King’s dream came true! But did it? If the King were resurrected today would he sit back and be content? Probably not. Maybe being at a PWI has made me super sensitive, but from where I’m sitting,

The Negro is Still Not Free .



Stay pofound,



2 Replies to “MLK Day found poem:The Negro is Still not Free”

  1. I think it would take more than a short comment to really bring home any thoughts on this touchy subject, especially in America! It’s a shame that the American black culture on the one hand makes a massive effort to excel and fight for their freedom; whereas on the other hand there are many in the black community who perpetuate the stereotype of lesser-than through their actions. But honestly, I don’t know enough about all the statistics etc. to be able to provide a well-formulated opinion. It’s simply from what I see and hear. I’m black-British, but one thing I have noticed that saddens me of the USA is the prevalence of black-on-black crime and police-shooting and killing black men through fear, ignorance and racism(?)


    1. For sure. And of course I could write many essays on the subject lol, but (I’m learning) that even the Black people who do “perpetuate the stereotype” and things such as black on black crime happen due to systemic pressures and issues that we don’t even notice/ seem outside of our control. In short, it’s cray.

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