FPOTD: Inspired by “Wonder” by Maya Angelou


I’m baaaaaaack!

I have gotten so busy that I’ve been putting off finding another poem for this blog. Today I decided to just write something that was in my heart, accomplished by me opening a poetry book and flipping to a random page for inspiration. First draft, no edits.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life and goals lately. As I get older, there are less and less people telling me to do the things I care about. I get a lot of “did you apply for __?” “did you study?” “Can you do me a favor?”

No one is asking me if I wrote a poem this week. No one is asking how my novel is coming or what my next moves are. I’m realizing that without any accountability it is hard for me to not let go, not forget, not give up.

I wonder how many of my friends need that motivation, too. How many of yours?

So here’s my reminder to you. Check in on your friends. Is there something they started but never finished? Something they always said they’d do but haven’t done? Ask them about it. Check in with yourself.

Here’s to being your own motivation.

Stay pofound,


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