Found Poem of the Day: A Change is Gon Come

A Change is Gon Come
A Change is Gon Come- Jae Nichelle

Written on the side of a building.

They say a change is gon come

but where is it coming from?

Cuz I feel like I’ve been

standing on the street corner

with my hands out

begging for change

and ain’t nobody give us none.



Stay Pofound.

Found Poem of the Day: Jah Rules All


More from the Caribbean (found on the sidewalk in a Rastafarian garden)


iNi comforter

Jah Rules All

There’s something about when people write things with pens, markers, or whatever on random things that I enjoy. Whether it’s “I was here” or “J & T forever” or “Love yourself”, I admire it. It’s art. It’s expression. It’s someone who had something to say to the world and needed a way to say it. Or someone who wanted to make at least one mark somewhere in the world. But when someone moves from a pencil or a sharpie to engraving their message on concrete… is it the same, or is it deeper?


Stay Pofound,


Found Poem of the Day: Prayer

20160602_134528_resizedFound on the side of a juice stand in St. Martin, the Carribean.

Prayer is poetry, poetry is prayer. Though I know this passage, I found it a beautiful thing to run across in this way, as art, as a reminder to people who are just going about their day, buying juice. Found poem if I ever saw one.

Prepare yourself for more found poem pics from my trip to St. Martin! Such a beautiful, poetic island.


Stay pofound,


FPOTD: Getting Help

Find yourself someone,

turn to a counselor.

Lots of people         in our world

need a little help sometimes.


A lesson I’m learning/ Keep having to learn. Don’t be afraid to get help from someone, y’all. We all need help sometimes.

Stay Pofound,