Random found poem of the day: Found in the book Crap by Erin Conley.

The people around you

break you.


             these kinds of changes are hard

but you have to find life

in yourself

Batman’s Guilty Pleasure

Cards poem

Welcome to a blog of poetry extracted from the mundane and recorded down diligently with a typewriter by hard, calloused fingers day and night and day and night… 

Okay, sorry for being extra.

I just feel like I’m sitting here writing my first blog post to an audience who is most likely tired of blogs. But before you exit off, just hear me out. You’ve probably never followed a blog like this one. (Did that sound pretentious?) See, unlike many, I’m not sitting here telling you about my daily adventures or lifestyle because they’re not all that interesting. I’m not sharing pictures of my food or recipes because 1) I can’t cook and 2) pizza hut and canes posts would get monotonous. And even if you do follow poetry blogs… it’s just different, okay!

I think there is poetry in everything, as there is beauty in everything, and I’m determined to share with you the beauty I see through the eyes of a poet.

Who can guess where I found today’s poem from?

If you did, you’re probably one of those horrible people who knew immediately that these are phrases from Cards Against Humanity because that’s all you like to play in your spare time. I’ll admit, it is a decent way of gauging who in your friend group is an actual bigot/racist/jerk.

I’d been looking everywhere for inspiration for my first poem for this blog. Creating a found poetry blog, I’ve learned, can be stressful because you actually have to FIND the poetry…
So I’m sitting in bed trying to find the poem that has been escaping me all week. Azeala (my typewriter, you will get to know her well) has been collecting dust waiting for me to get inspired. One top of Azeala, I find my brand new deck of Cards Against Humanity. Bored, I thought I’d flip through them and laugh to myself (like one does when she has no friends) and BOOM. I found this poem. You’re welcome.

From now on, I shall try to find a poem at least once a week, and Azeala and I will share it with you. Who knows where the next one will come from… a newspaper… a taco bell menu… a receipt that I never threw away…(man, these are good ideas). Guess you’ll just have to keep coming back for more, huh? Might be helpful to just follow the blog.
*Laughs maniacally*

Stay PoFound,